Micrōb X ShingleDefense

  • For asphalt shingle roofs – residential and commercial

  • Controls grime, mold, decaying leaves, fungus stains, and more

  • Patented, break-thru Photocatalytic technology

  • Continues self-cleaning for 3–5 years or longer

  • Protects your roof from aging, discoloration and damage

  • Environmentally responsible and contains no VOC’s

About Micrōb X ShingleDefense

Micrōb X ShingleDefense is specifically formulated to protect asphalt shingles from staining and aging.  Your roof is often the most visible part of your house, and when it becomes discolored, stained, streaked because of age and accumulation of environmental elements resting there, it can greatly diminish the largest asset you own. That can not only embarrass you, but it can lower the value of your home to potential buyers. Micrōb X ShingleDefense breaks down all bio-matter that lands on your roof, and converts it to harmless water vapor.  And any residual sheens away cleanly with the next rain.  Micrōb X ShingleDefense will keep your roof clean and looking great for up to 36 months, and sometimes even longer.