Our Science

Since life began, dangerous microbes and germs have been among our greatest foes. They are invisible, dangerous and elusive, as they mutate to avoid our defenses.  And they are gaining strength, aided by the growing concentration of our Earth’s population, and the ineffectiveness of many common solutions to control microbes.

When scientists began to tackle the problem, they saved millions of humans.  First, they identified germs as the cause of so many infections, and then they created antibacterials to destroy them. That revolutionized medicine and protected human life.  But research into new antibacterials has slowed, and “superbugs” are evolving to fight back.

EnVont scientists recognized the need for a different approach to protect our health by developing a nano-technology based active smart-coating that would continue performing long after being applied using inorganic compounds such as TiO2, metal oxides and precious metals, They focused years of research on identifying and combining basic building blocks like precious metals right off the Periodic Table of the Elements.


The results are revolutionary. Apply Micrōb X to surface as directed, and it will help control germs and the spread of other microorganisms for 18 to 36 months or longer, depending on which Micrōb X product is used and the surface material is applied to. Equally important, as airborne microbes, pollutants and odors come in contact with those surfaces, they are also attacked making the air cleaner and safer to breath.

Some microbes play a role in the buildup of grime and “sludge” that holds dirt on indoor surfaces, outdoor facades and glass.

Micrōb X fights those microbes in the same way, keeping your living spaces and outdoor surfaces not only microscopically safer, but visually cleaner as well.