Micrōb X Multi-Surfaces

  • For walls, floors, textiles, ceilings and various surfaces

  • Use for microbes, bacteria, mold, odor and staph

  • Patented, break-thru Photocatalytic technology

  • Continues self-cleaning for up to 18 months or longer

  • Cleans germs, odor and pollutants from the air

  • Environmentally responsible and contains no VOC’s

About Micrōb X Multi-Surfaces

Micrōb X for Multi-Surfaces is our most versatile formulation for both indoor and outdoor surfaces.  It’s your best and longest-lasting defense against harmful microbes, germs and, and also from natural occurring grime that holds dirt on your surfaces.  At the same time, when you apply Micrōb X to various surfaces, you are taking steps to clean the air of pollutants and odors as they hit the applied surfaces.  Micrōb X for Multi-Surfaces is the best and longest-lasting cleaning solution, protecting your surfaces, and the health of those on your property.  And because it’s completely “Green”, it protects the planet in general.