Micrōb X High-Performance

  • Specifically for white indoor and outdoor surfaces

  • Use for grime, bacteria, mold, odor and staph

  • Patented, break-thru Photocatalytic technology

  • Continues self-cleaning for up to 24 months or longer

  • Cleans germs, odor and pollutants from the air

  • Greatly reduces maintenance and toxic chemicals

  • Environmentally responsible and contains no VOC’s

About Micrōb X High-Performance

Micrōb X High Performance is our strongest formulation.  It contains the highest concentration of Titanium Dioxide, which provides extra photocatalytic cleaning power.  This extra dose of Titanium Dioxide which carries a natural white, translucent hue, makes High-Performance the perfect, long-lasting cleaning solution for indoor and outdoor white surfaces, such as medical facility walls and ceilings, agricultural grow rooms, white building facades, and any white surface. It’s your best and longest-lasting defense against harmful microbes, germs and, and also from natural occurring grime that holds dirt on your surfaces.  At the same time, when you apply Micrōb X to various surfaces, you are taking steps to clean the air of pollutants and odors as they hit the applied surfaces.  Micrōb X High-Performance is the best and longest-lasting cleaning solution, protecting your surfaces, and the health of those on your property.  And because it’s completely “Green”, it protects the planet in general.