Micrōb X Base Coats

  • The ultimate initial coat for porous and non-porous surfaces

  • Patented, break-thru Photocatalytic technology

  • Silver and copper infused to provide greater protection

  • Seals the surface to provide expanded coverage of Micrōb X

  • Strengthens indoor and outdoor applications

  • Environmentally responsible and contains no VOC’s

About Micrōb X Base Coats

Micrōb X Base Coats provide the ultimate primer coat for non-porous surfaces, and the best penetrating sealer for porous surfaces prior to applying the appropriate Micrōb X protection to your indoor or outdoor surface.  Both Base Primer and Penetrating Sealer contain EnVont’s proprietary formula of precious metals which will greatly strengthen and extend the overall self-cleaning protection of Micrōb X.  Additionally, by applying Micrōb X Base Coats to your surfaces before applying the appropriate Micrōb X to complete the job, you are able to use less Micrōb X, and that saves you time and money. Together, Micrōb X Base Coat and the appropriate Micrōb X product provides you the most effective cleaning solution, and protects your family, staff and guests.  And because it’s completely “Green”, it protects the planet in general.