Micrōb X Artificial Grass

  • For sports fields, city greens, and residential

  • Use for germs, mold, bacteria, staph, and odor

  • Patented, break-thru Photocatalytic technology

  • Continues self-cleaning for up to a year

  • Helps maintains temperature of grass surfaces

  • Environmentally responsible and contains no VOC’s

About Micrōb X Artificial Grass

Micrōb X for Artificial Grass Surfaces is specifically formulated to protect your guests, athletes, staff and even pets who compete or recreate on your artificial sport fields, play grounds, green spaces, residential turfs or dog parks.  Since artificial grass is permanent, and is never renewed, it can get plenty dirty and bacteria-ridden. Simply combing, rinsing or applying a short term sanitizer to your artificial fields might make them look clean, but there’s dangerous activity going on just below the surface, and that presents a danger to anyone who comes in contact with the turf.  Micrōb X for Artificial Grass is the best and longest-lasting cleaning solution for your artificial turf, and protects the health of those on your property.  And because it’s completely “Green”, it protects the planet in general.