About EnVont

Humble Start

EnVont’s history is the story of American ingenuity.

It is the story of a small team with impeccable credentials, documented experience in science, engineering, product development, and sheer grit and guts. It’s about experts leaving secure, financially rewarding jobs to serve the greater good, and tackle what they saw as one of the biggest challenges of their generation.

The team all first met while working on automotive, healthcare and industrial projects for large coating companies. There the vision for EnVont was born. 

The challenge: To develop a long-lasting smart-coating that kills and prevents the spread of dangerous microbes, viruses, germs and superbugs that live on the surfaces we touch and in the air we breathe. Protecting people’s lives in all places while enhancing their aspects of life.

It took many years of sacrifice and large amounts of capital to do the required research, development and testing. The goal was nothing less than a whole new approach. Their experience in this field showed them challenges. Their vision drove them to solutions. And the results are astonishing.

EnVont is launching Micrōb X, a scientific breakthrough that offers the most effective and longest-lasting self-cleaning protection the world has ever seen. Sound too good to be true? Try it. You’ll see.

Company Culture

The EnVont team started their careers with industry giants in the corporate world as they enjoyed the successes and rewards from their efforts. They dreamed of starting a company where brilliant minds would be inspired by vision and group teamwork to address some of the world’s most pressing problems.

EnVont places high value on each individual’s expertise, and rewards it with attention to personal growth, health and wellness. In turn, team members are committed to creating a synergy that leads to scientific breakthroughs and products that can truly make a difference in the way we live and are both user friendly and eco-friendly. 

This dedicated team approach sustained EnVont through grueling years of trial & error.  However, their dream of transforming how we clean, based on personal, scientific and eco-responsible integrity is now a reality.


EnVont, where “Environment is Paramount,” is passionate about creating products that control germs, bacteria, fungi, viruses and other harmful microbes today without damaging the earth tomorrow.

Each product is rigorously developed and tested to ensure its contribution to a sustainable, healthy world.

Our Facilities

EnVont operates their Research & Development facilities and a manufacturing facility in Michigan and the Naples, FL area.

Range Of Products

EnVont’s signature line of anti-microbial and self-cleaning products is Micrōb X, applicable to both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Choose the right product for:

  • Walls, ceilings, counters, railings
  • Medical facilities, labs, schools, offices
  • Senior living facilities
  • Health clubs, school locker rooms
  • Humanitarian facilities and hospitals
  • Agricultural grow rooms, green houses
  • Building and stucco facades
  • Concrete surfaces, tile, pavers
  • HVAC ventilation ducts
  • Windows, glass surfaces, solar panels
  • Asphalt shingle roofs
  • Artificial sports fields, city greens, dog parks
  • Food service, dining areas, manufacturing facilities
  • Livestock farms, meat processing facilities

….and much more

Using Micrōb X on surfaces also cleans the air, as airborne microbes, pollutants and odors come in contact with your coated surfaces through normal air circulation. It doesn’t stop there. Ongoing research and development will continue to produce specific adaptations for your specialized needs.