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Finally, Long-Term Protection Against Germs And Microbes

Micrōb X is the cutting-edge, long-lasting solution for cleaner and safer surfaces, and air quality, as well.

You know the surfaces your guests touch, and the air they breathe, are all potentially hazardous to their health. So, you constantly spend time, money and energy cleaning them. But the products you use only attack germs for a short period, forcing you into an expensive, tedious and never-ending sanitizing loop. And many of those products are just as toxic as the germs they seek to control.

But now, EnVont scientists have created a cleaning “game-changer”. Micrōb X is proven to be effective, eco-friendly and continues self-cleaning surfaces and the air for up to 36 months or longer providing long-term protection for your guests, co-workers, and your loved ones.

Our Mission

To harness new science to develop effective, long-lasting cleaning solutions that protect human populations and the ecosystems that surround them.

A Cleaning Breakthrough For All Your Surfaces

Micrōb X products are tailored to be optimally effective in a wide range of applications and environments.  For the best results, select the product designed for your specific need.